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Organic Licorice Root - Treats Mucus & Depression

Organic Licorice Root - Treats Mucus & Depression

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100% Organically sourced Licorice Root Pre Rolls available for you.

The Worlds Highest Quality

Do you have a hard time smoking? Do you need to get mucus out your body?  Do you need a holistic herb that gives you a buzz but is easier on your lungs? Do you need more energy? Do you have depression and anxiety? Do you need another adaptogen? 

As the author , me utilizing Licorice root has changed my structure of my lungs. Licorice is incalculable power for my lungs. It protects the respiratory system.

I have seen a lot of mucus come out of the body from working with Licorice as it is a demulcent & a expectorant which cleans phlegm out your body

Licorice is a perfect choice to use if you want to enjoy the same effects of smoking but you have respiratory issues.

I have notice a big time mood increase from working with Licorice as well. It is very phenomenal for depression and anxiety .


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