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Do you need to empower yourself? Do you need to enter a luck streak? Do you have trouble materializing your thoughts? Do you need a boost of fierceness? Are you afraid of being in the spotlight? Do you need more masculine energy in your life? Do you need more oxygen ? Do you need to be more affirmative during meditation?

As the author, Pyrite is a very energizing crystal, almost reminds me of a energizing battery. Me working with it has granted me remarkable powers to work overtime & to bite down on my mouthpiece. This is a crystal that tights your focus on one thing at a time. Pyrite gives me laser eye sniper focus. It has toughened my skin & makes me obsessed with the passion that lies inside my soul. As it is a solar plexus crystal (soul) - (lar). It really is needed for people who need to recall their power back.

Pyrite is a immeasurable crystal for recalling back your power. It empowers me with a golden dust, and it has metamorphosed my most pessimistic days into intense passionate journeys. As I work with pyrite, I notice this crystals wants to put you on a luck streak. Especially in the financial aspect. Pyrite will remind you that you deserve being on a luck streak & that nobody can stop you. It is called fools gold from the ancient miners not knowing the difference between pyrite and gold. Pyrite will boost your financial security if you know how to also practically take real life financial risks.

Do watch out for wearing this crystal too much if you are already very masculine, as it can drastically overwhelm you with its masculine energy.

Crystals Containing Pyrite

Pyrite appears as golden flecks throughout the Lapis Lazuli gemstone.

Chakras - Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral, Root

Zodiac - Leo , Libra

Element - Fire/Earth


Planet: Mars


Wrist Size : Medium

Numerical Vibration - Number 3


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