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Do you feel like you loose trust in people and yourself easily? Do you need a consistent boost of green light energy? Do you crave a aggressive transformation? Do you need healing results faster within your heart ?

As the Author, Malachite is one of those crystals that to this day, I still don’t understand how potent it is. I have worn it in some of my videos and it drastically forced me to speak every pound of passion that was on my heart. Malachite being a green crystal, ignites the spark in your heart, which is why it’s so rare and difficult for people to wear . During the human paradigm shift , individuals have many scars among the hearts , which effects their trust in the universe. Malachite has a stronger connection to the universe & this crystal is specifically made for the chosen ones. When I wear it , I’ll always think back to the fact that it sucks more energy than any other crystal ever known. This means that it’s always working & I will feel it. I noticed wearing it that I would feel a strong protection around me. The protection of malachite is no joke. The bad forces on the planet can’t get to you if your heart is beaming too much green light also known as life force also known as love. Demons hate and run away from love, because love is the opposite of fear. Love is the strongest energy on the planet. Green is a color that is alive and malachite is too strong of a energy for others to penetrate your aura. I would notice my leadership abilities heightened, confidence skyrocket, & risk taking go through the roof. The passion that malachite gives me isn’t a toxic passion, it’s a healthy explosive passion of green light!

Wrist Size : Medium

Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus

Zodiac Sign : All

Element: Fire



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