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MALACHITE : Chain Necklace (Rare) (High Demand)

MALACHITE : Chain Necklace (Rare) (High Demand)

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You Need Malachite If...

If you are longing for change, the frequencies of the Malachite meaning are here to guide you. As one of the most powerful transformational crystals in the mineral kingdom, the Malachite crystal meaning helps bring awareness to that which no longer serves you. Take a hard look at your life—everything from your romantic involvements to your professional endeavors. The Malachite meaning can help you pinpoint the areas of your life that are ripe for transformation and then guide you toward transforming them. 

Malachite is one of the most important stones for protection from negative energies. It permeates the auric field with positive vibrations and strengthens the natural energetic ‘shell’ which can screen out hostile forces.
It can keep you from being noticed by those who might pose a threat to your emotional or physical well-being. Malachite emanates the healthiest energy pattern for the heart. It benefits both the emotional heart and the pump itself through its harmonisation of the heart chakra.
It assists in maintaining emotional balance, in which you remain in a positive, benevolent state but is not tempted to take on the emotional baggage of others

Chakra: Heart , Solar Plexus

Zodiac Sign : Scorpio

Element: Fire

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