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Lapis Lazuli Bracelet (Stone Of Royalty)

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet (Stone Of Royalty)

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You Are Indecisive ! Lack Leadership ! Crave Sharper Communication ! Need Maximum Psychic Protection ! First Let's Say This… Lapis Lazuli Is A Stone That Will Literally Recognize A Whole Psychic Attack , Block The Attack & Send It Back To It's Source! AMAZING RIGHT? Lapis is The Most Powerful Stone , Even Being Mentioned In The Bible! This Stone is just So Smart and Intellectual !! It Is The Philosophers Stone ! Lapis Lazuli Transforms Your Soul Into A Leader By Giving You Total Awareness & Control Of Your Life!!

This Stone Is Very Stimulating for Activating The Higher Mind And Enhancing Philosophers. It Stimulates Your Thirst For Knowledge, Truth And Understanding, And Aids The Process Of Learning. It Brings Your Intuition Inwards instead Of Outwards . It Is Excellent For Enhancing Memory. Lapis Lazuli Empowers You With Infinite Power To Handle Anything. As A Blue Gemstone Of Course , It Shuts Down Fear Of Speaking For Your Self & Brings Your Awareness Incredibly High! Fear And Lapis Lazuli Don't Go Together!

The ancient civilizations considered Lapis as an out of the world symbol which brought a person closer to God, therefore they considered it their obligation to send the stone along with people of high value to the afterlife. Fun Fact: A famous story that has been passed over for years is that there was a time when Lapis Lazuli was considered more expensive than gold

Wrist Size : Medium

Chakra : Throat , Third Eye,  Solar Plexus 

Zodiac : Sagittarius ,Libra 

Element : Air, Water

Planet: Jupiter, Saturn

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