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Egyptian Blue Lotus Tincture Remedy - Acvates 6th Sense

Egyptian Blue Lotus Tincture Remedy - Acvates 6th Sense

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Pre Order (Use Flashlight In The Dark To See Glowing Purple )  This tincture is blue in daylight , purple with your flashlight in the dark. 

Activates & powers up your 6th sense.

Because tinctures contain concentrated plant extracts, they are used as convenient products for getting the right nutrients to where they are needed in the body. Tinctures are prescribed for a wide range of issues, including indigestion, stress, PMS, pain and insomnia.

100% Organically sourced Egyptian Blue Lotus available for you.

The Worlds Highest Quality


Most blue lotus on the market has pesticides and chemicals due to the farming process. This blue lotus is organic and pesticide free while being wild crafted.

Egyptian Blue lotus is the miracle herb that releases dopamine and serotonin to influence your mood and produce mild psychoactive effects that induce euphoria.

Blue lotus has been known to heal anxiety attacks in the matters of seconds due to its powerful Psychoactive chemistry. 

Blue lotus will make powerful lucid dreams happen, it will make astral projections happen. It has immeasurable ascension power being purple (the crown chakra color).

Blue lotus was used in ancient Egypt to connect to the other side & communicate with their ancestors and guardians .

Directions : take two full tubes under tongue for 90 seconds. 

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