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Do you have ADHD? Do you have a poor attention span? Do you have trouble focusing on conversations and have poor active listening? Do you need to get the best words together to speak to someone? Do you need to enter healthy period of detachment? Do you need more organized thoughts and days?

As the Author, Sodalite is a very underrated Crystal. It has the ability to make you push through life and allow your emotions to stay out the way. It has made me smarter, more intelligent, more calmer and more strategic in everyday decisions. Think of sodalite as crystal that makes you move like chess. It is the most rational crystal in the crystal kingdom, allowing you to be comfortable with the truth only. Sometimes us as humans get our emotions involved and we forget the reality of what’s in front of us. Sodalite has heightened my mental to immeasurable levels, making me very well fed & satisfied with the truth. This crystal is very recommended for life path 7s. Anyone with Sagittarius energy, Aquarius energy and anyone who has a obsession with the truth. You can can compare this to lapis lazuli however sodalite is darker, meaning it’s more of a third eye crystal and it also is more subtle than lapis lazuli. Sodalite organizes my thoughts very well and makes me manifest it easily. The third eye is our command center and without it, we would have no creative thoughts. Sodalite is phenomenal for people who can’t think outside the box.

Chakra: Third Eye, Throat

Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces , Cancer

Element: Wind


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