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CLEAR QUARTz: Chain Necklace (Rare) (High Demand) (Master Healer)

CLEAR QUARTz: Chain Necklace (Rare) (High Demand) (Master Healer)

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You Need Clear Quartz If...

When someone asks you what you want in life or what your goals are, do you find it difficult to answer? Do you know what you want but find it challenging to make it a reality? You need the energy of clarity and manifestation that a Clear Quartz crystal provides.

Copper Wrapped Clear Quartz Stone Adjustable Necklace - All Sizes This power combo generates to harness the power of intent & energy toward the greater good. Clear Quartz & Copper spiral together to gain momentum on your manifestations, enhancing the energy you put out Tenfold. It filters lower vibrations out, so the higher frequency you are emitting, the faster your manifestations can materialize.

Copper on it's own is a great energy conductor & metal that can offer healing to the spirit as well as physical ailments. Quartz is a master generator & ls the stone of clarity, protection, intuition, ancient wisdom & harmony. It helps with concentration, and increases awareness, inspiration, and creativity. It purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical planes & can also bring an aura of protection. Known as the master healer, it has the power to regulate energy. In Ancient Egypt, Clear Quartz crystal was used to construct monuments as it was believed to channel the energy from the planetary system. *You Will Randomly Get Any Of the one in the pictures

Zodiac : All

Element : Storm

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