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Black Tourmaline Bracelet (Stone Of Protection)

Black Tourmaline Bracelet (Stone Of Protection)

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You Need Black Tourmaline If..
Have you ever felt or picked up on bad vibes from a person or place? Have you ever gone into a situation where you knew there would be negative energy? Do you want a little extra energetic protection as you move throughout the world? A Black Tourmaline crystal is the energetic bodyguard you need to keep your energy at the highest possible frequency. Black Tourmaline is a double-meaning crystal. Meaning it's a powerful element of ultimate protection! However, it is also a stone of purification and cleansing!

Many shaman of African, Aboriginal, and Native American tribes carried Tourmaline to protect themselves from danger.

Fun Fact : Back Tourmaline is one of the Only Black Stones that actually Transmutes Negative Energy Into Positive Energy !

Black Tourmaline also has magnetism, which allows it to shield you against EMFs (electromagnetic fields). If you find yourself sensitive to EMF intrusion from computers, tablets, or smartphones, this crystal can help.

Zodiac : All
Chakra : Root 🔴
Element : Earth 🌍

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