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Amethyst Bracelet (Stone Of Wisdom)

Amethyst Bracelet (Stone Of Wisdom)

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You Need Amethyst If...

 At the end of an exhausting day or in the middle of a chaotic situation, have you ever wished for even just a minute of peace and quiet?

Are you working on connecting with your inner wisdom and knowledge? Are you on a spiritual journey to elevate your energy? Amethyst is a important protection crystal for everyone's collection . Not only Does Amethyst Provide You With Easier Understanding to the Spiritual Realm , but it also Creates a Purple Bubble of Light & Protection around you . This is why So Crystal Experts Agree Amethyst is so powerful compared to most Protection crystals . Amethyst allows you to quiet your mind, which can aid in sleep, meditation, and generally moving through life from a higher state of being. No matter who you are or what your goals are in life, an Amethyst crystal can support you along your life’s journey. Another powerful way to work with your Amethyst crystal stone is to strengthen your intuition. As a stone of spirituality, Amethyst helps to deepen your connection to self. Through this heightened awareness and connection, you can begin to tap into your intuition. Your intuition is like a voice in your head, subconsciously guiding you. For some, it could be very subtle, while it could be very profound and obvious for others. Sometimes we choose to ignore it, but when you listen to your intuition you will always be guided by your highest self. The more you work with your Amethyst crystal, the more you’ll be able to connect to that sense of intuition. Size - Medium | 18 CM (7.5 Inches) Fits Most

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