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Amethyst Bracelet (BALANCING THE EGO)

Amethyst Bracelet (BALANCING THE EGO)

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Do you doubt spirituality? Do you doubt the spiritual realm? Do you doubt energy? Are you someone who has slower cognitive abilities?

As the Author, amethyst was the first crystal I’ve used and it activated my spiritual journey. It is without a doubt, a very high vibrational crystal that I only recommend you to wear if you are grounded enough & mastered your Muladhara also known as your root chakra. Amethyst makes me detached from reality in a healthy way, meaning it keeps you spiritually grounded. It possesses abilities to help me recognize my ego very well . I can feel the stimulation of it working in my crown and third eye chakra. Amethyst provides a invisible purple light around our aura that protects us. I highly recommend amethysts to Taurus , and Scorpio.

Wrist Size : Medium

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

Zodiac Sign : Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio, Aquarius  

Element: Wind


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